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bag that springtime gobbler

Hunt Smart Productions, LLC


So You Want To Own A Bird Dog

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Hunt Smart Productions, L.L.C. is dedicated to helpingthe "Do It Yourself" sportsman and sportswoman to be more successful on their self-guided hunting adventures.

In this DVD program, "What You Need To Bag That Springtime Gobbler", CJ Kausel shares with you many years of experience scouting, tracking, calling and waiting breathlessly for this wiliest of creatures to come within range.

Subject matter covered in this DVD

The six sub-species of wild turkeys
Know your quarry - They can see you at 200+ yards

What do they eat, where do they roost and why

Turkey Calls
Hear the actual calling using friction calls (box & slate) and mouth (diaphragm) calls. Also hear the locator calls of the Crow, Owl, Coyote and Turkey gobble

Turkey Language
Yelp, cluck, cut, cackle, purr and gobble. Learn the sequence to lure that gobbler toward you.

Successful Hunting
Pre-season scouting, identifying the signs,knowing when and where to hunt, importance of camoflage using the correct guns and loads, and the checklist of items you need in your hunting vest

Special tips that relate to turkey hunting

Turkey hunting requires skill, stealth and extreme patience. Outwitting this bird presents numerous challenges. CJ has been there, successfully drawing his quarry to him. This DVD is a must for your library.