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Welcome to Hunt smart productions, llc

Hunt Smart Productions, LLC is dedicated to Do It Yourself sportsmen and sportswomen who believe in fair chase hunting.

Seminars/DVDs - Our seminars and corresponding DVDs are designed for the “Do It Yourself” sportsman and sportswoman who believes in fair chase hunting. Our programs provide the “How to”, Where to”, “When to” and “What do I need to” information needed for hunters to be more successful in their hunting and dog training efforts. Click on the DVDs to learn more about each individual program. Click here to see our upcoming seminar schedule.

We would be happy work with you on scheduling a seminar designed for your particular group or organization. Contact us about our seminar topics or for more information!

Dog Demos - Watching a well trained dog execute commands and perform with grace and style is truly a joy for any hunter who has trained and hunted over his own bird dog. CJ and his field champion German Shorthairs Cheyenne and Shawnee have demonstrated that grace and style for many a sportsman. They have been featured at the Fall Hunting Classic held in annually in August at Bass Pro Shops. They have appeared the last six years in the sporting dog arena at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Denver. Also, they have given numerous demonstrations for groups and organizations in the region.

If you are interested in having them put on a demo for your club, company or organization contact us. We would be happy to put together a program that fits your specific needs.

Dog Training - We offer a different approach to pointing dog training. We train you to train your dog.

In keeping with our “Do It Yourself” approach, CJ works with individual dog owners and their dogs on a one-on-one basis. He will evaluate your dog’s level of development and then develop a training program specifically for you. This step-by-step approach insures your dog’s progress and you learn the proper training techniques. This approach is considerably less expensive than boarding your dog at the trainers location and having them work daily with your dog. After the initial evaluation and plan development. You will train your dog according to that plan. CJ will meet with you when each of the steps are being implemented and periodically along the way. However, you will be doing most of the training and that is where considerable  savings are realized. 

CJ has been training and hunting over his own bird dogs for over 30 years and currently is on the teaching staff at the Denver area Bass Pro Shops. Group sessions utilizing the same approach are available through the store. Contact us for more information or to set up an initial evaluation of your dog. 

Guided Upland Bird Hunts - I offer guided upland bird hunts over my German Shorthair, Shawnee. She has won and placed in several field trials and has been part of our dog demonstrations at the International Sportsman’s Expo held each January at the Denver Convention Center.
You can book a morning or afternoon hunt with us at Strasburg Game Birds located just South of Strasburg, Colorado. You will be hunting pheasants, chukar or quail.

Our season runs from September 15th through March 15th. No license is required as these hunts occur on a licensed hunting preserve. A hunter safety card is required. Click here for more info.

Spring Turkey Hunts - We offer spring turkey hunts in the prime turkey country located in Southern Colorado. You will be hunting Merriams turkey in one of the most scenic locales in Colorado.
Hunts are conducted on private land and include lodging and meals.

Steve Johnson, Conifer
Turkey taken at 10:30 am
" CJ, thanks for a great hunt. ”

tom egan
Tom Egan, Evergreen
Turkey taken at 6:30 pm
“ This is my second turkey hunting with you! ”

video production

promotional DVDs more

Videography Services

Promotional Videography - Like many other firms and organizations you are continually looking for ways to improve your marketing. “Getting the word out” about your organization’s products and/or services is the key piece of any marketing plan. Getting that information into the hands of the highest potential users of your products and services unlocks the door to increased sales and profits.

Hunt Smart Productions’ videography services offers that tool for you. We come to your place of business or desired location and video your operation as designated by you. Then we edit the footage to develop a 3 to 5 minute program that tells your organization’s story. We provide you with multiple copies of the program which you can use for presentations by sales representatives, distributors or specific marketing campaigns. They are great attractors to your booth at trade shows and conventions! Our fees vary according to the location and the needs of our clients. However, they are considerably less than those of the large media studios. If you are looking for a “sure fire” way to tell your company’s story, click on the icon below and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

We would be please to discuss creating a promotional video for your group or organization. To learn more or to discuss a program designed specifically for your group or organization, click here

Personal Hunting Videography - Are you planning a special hunt? Did you finally draw that tag in a trophy deer, elk or pronghorn area? Hunt Smart Productions will come to your camp or hunting area and video your own personal hunt for you. Maybe this is your son or daughter’s first hunt. Whatever the occasion may be, we can provide you with your own personal record for a lasting memory. Click here if you would like to learn more about our services and programs.

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